The Fieldwalker Experience

Developed with over 30 years of field experience, our ecological design and build philosophy is unique.


 We strive to capture the essence of the surrounding natural landscape while integrating the clients's needs and desires to enhance the natural features of the chosen site.


This approach insures that the visual pallet and texture we create are derived from the organic patterns found in nature.


Our goal is to create a visually dynamic landscape that will prosper and require minimal maintenance for your enjoyment.

Who is Luke Fieldwalker?

Luke Fieldwalker is a modern disciple of the teachings of the highly influential English Landscape Architect Lancelot Brown, commonly known as Capability Brown.


During the latter half of the eighteenth century, the dynamic influence of Capability Brown transformed the popular formal French Baroque style landscapes of the gardens and grand scale estates in England to the natural, ecological style, that became the standard for the contemporary landscapes of today’s English countryside.


The Luke Fieldwalker ecological design and build philosophy utilizes Capability Brown’s subtle design technique to recreate representative forms from an ideal form or pattern, modeled after nature and imposes these representative forms upon the natural landscape for refined dramatic effect.

Great effort is made to appreciate the essence of the surrounding landscape while integrating the needs and desires of the client to enhance the natural features of the site.


This technique ensures that the visual palette of colour and texture created from the natural patterns found in nature will prosper and require minimal maintenance for the client's maximum enjoyment.